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Bonafide Fashions and Green Education Foundation Collaboration

As a part of the sustainable fashion community, we are happy to announce our collaboration with the Green Education Foundation. For more people to get on board wit..

Sustainable Fashion: Beauty Isn’t Always Pain!

The ecology of the planet knows better than others the cost of becoming fashionable. The textile industry ranks second in the number of harmful emissions and pollution, second only t..

Is Fast Fashion That Bad?

You scroll through Instagram and come across a fresh advertisement for a new Fast Fashion brand jumpsuit. This is exactly what you saw at the celebrity last week and wanted the same!..

Top 7 Designer Brands, Luxury Fashion Trends for Consumers

Within the last 5 to 10 years we’ve seen online internet sales grow exponentially. From these statistics we find the future growth of luxury designer brand is very strong online, es..

New Online Designer Clothing Store by Bonafide Fashions

Bonafide Fashions is opening a brand new online store to provide authentic designer clothing. We curate the largest selection of affordable women’s, men’s and chil..

Consumer Purchases, Online Shopping Trends for 2022

I’m sure you’ve all noticed how our lives are changing this year in 2021, with social distancing guidelines still in full effect, consumers are purchasing goods from online venues mo..

New Designer Clothing Inspection Facility | Bonafide Fashions

Amazing things are on the horizon for shoppers interested in affordable designer fashions, both new and pre-owned. Bonafide Fashions is setting up shop; like so many Christm..