If the purchased product did not fit according to its characteristics, you can return it using the "Order History" item in your account. Below you can find the basic rules for returns and financial compensation.

Returns: must be requested within 14 day of shipments and must be returned within 21 days.

Please note that goods must be returned in the same condition as purchased: free of defects, dirt, foreign smells and other traces of use.

Financial compensation:

  • If cash refund is requested - allow 14 days after receipt and inspection of goods.
  • If store credit is requested - Bonafide dollars will be issued immediately after goods are shipped back.


We at Bonafide Fashions are striving to build a community of like-minded people who care about the environmental impacts of the fashion industry. Our main goal is to make available - quality “heavily discounted” clothing, shoes and accessories from major retailers and fashion brands that have excess merchandise or overstocked inventory. When you buy from outlets like Bonafide Fashions, you help reduce the harmful impact of fast fashion on the environment while also giving yourself incredible savings on high quality merchandise.

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